Tinted Roses – 2023 Hottest Floral Trend

New Year, New Trends!

Tinted roses are the latest trend to hit the floral market and are sure to be the hottest in 2023. These gorgeous flowers come in various colors and can be the perfect addition to any arrangement. Tinted Roses have become famous for several reasons. The wide range of colors allows you to create unique, eye-catching displays.

Tinted Roses for 2023

Vibrant Colors for every occasion!

You can use tinted roses to create stunning centerpieces. The vibrant colors of tinted roses also make them perfect for any season. Whether it’s a romantic Valentine’s Day arrangement or a bright and cheerful summer display, tinted roses look beautiful all year round. The color options also make them an excellent choice for weddings and special affairs.

Tinted Roses for 2023

Tinted Magic!

At Agrinag our unique process ensures that our Tinted Roses are not exposed to product damage during the dyeing process. You can check some of our most popular tinted varieties like Arlet, Apple Pie,Atomic, Aurora, Confetti,Circus,Dark Pink Confetti,Cotton Candy,Nebula, andGolden Frost!

Check out all the tinted rose varieties we offer through our online catalog!

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Valentine’s Day is a time to express your love and affection for that special someone. At Agrinag, we understand the significance of this holiday and want to help you make it even more special with our new rose varieties.