Protecting Wildlife with passion and Compassion, Where our rescued animals find a Home.
Embark on an extraordinary adventure where the daring spirit of AGRINAG intersects with heartwarming tales of rescued animals. As fearless explorers, we embrace authenticity, independence
and the audacity to make a difference.


At Paws N’ Roses, we are more than a center of rescue. We are a sanctuary of hope, where majestic deer roam, mischievous monkeys play, colorful parrots chatter, and the mighty eagle soars.

We have become a haven for these creatures, providing them with safety, healing, and a second chance at life.

Conservation Knows no Boundaries

Our commitment extendsfar beyond the border so four farm.  As par to four profound responsibility to animal rescue and rehabilitation, we invite you to join us in our mission to protect and provide a safe haven for our rescued animals. Together, we can make a difference, ensuring a future where these animals thrive and find their forever homes, while fostering a healthy ecosystem.

Cultivating Change, one Purchase at a time

By choosing AGRINAG’s Products, not only do
you support the breathtaking beauty of our
roses, but you also contribute to the well-being
of rescued wildlife. Every purchase made by our
appreciated customers becomes a catalyst for
change, enabling us to expand our rescue
efforts and provide a loving home to more
animals in need.


Come and witness the synergy between nature’s treasures and the soulful rescue work at Paws N’ Roses. Let us inspire you to live fearlessly, embrace authenticity, and cherish the wonders of our planet. Together, we can preserve the irreplaceable beauty that surrounds us.
Join us on this incredible journey. Choose Paws N’ Roses by Agrinag