5 Types of roses for contemporary women

In today’s dynamic world, modern moms are constantly seeking unique ways to express their individuality and style. At Agrinag, we understand the importance of offering roses that resonate with the contemporary woman – bold, distinctive, and empowered. As pioneers in floral innovation, we’re thrilled to introduce five exceptional rose varieties tailored specifically to the tastes and preferences of today’s women.

First on our list is “Peonikiss,” a stunning garden rose with a pinky-lavender hue that captivates with its impressive bloom. Exclusive to the Elevate Roses program, Peonikiss is a testament to Agrinag’s commitment to offering unparalleled floral experiences. Its exquisite beauty makes it a must-have for any contemporary woman looking to make a statement.

Next up is “Veggie,” a rose with a unique appearance characterized by its white and green tones, exuding sophistication and distinctiveness. This variety is perfect for the modern woman who isn’t afraid to stand out and embrace her individuality.

For those seeking a classic yet contemporary option, look no further than “Creamykiss.” This garden rose boasts a large bud and exceptional bloom, making it a standout choice for today’s contemporary women. Part of the Elevate Roses program, Creamykiss embodies modern elegance and sophistication.

Introducing “Felicity,” a rose with an intense and defined peach color that exudes confidence and flair. Born from Agrinag’s “Innovation Showroom” project, Felicity showcases our dedication to developing new and innovative varieties that cater to the modern woman’s discerning taste.

Last but not least, we have “Stoechas,” a lavender-bright tinted variety that offers a unique color palette for the empowered and discerning woman. Its distinct hue reflects the modern woman’s confidence and assurance in her choices.

These five rose varieties are not just flowers;

they're statements of empowerment, individuality, and contemporary style.

At Agrinag, we’re proud to be at the forefront of floral innovation, offering roses that speak to the essence of modern motherhood and womanhood. Join us in celebrating the modern mom with roses she truly, really wants.

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