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Valentine’s Day is a time to express your love and affection for that special someone. At Agrinag, we understand the significance of this holiday and want to help you make it even more special with our new rose varieties.

Introducing Wildcat and Veggie, two beautiful and unique roses that will add a touch of elegance and surprise to your Valentine’s Day bouquet. Wildcat is a red rose with striking pink stripes that symbolize the fiery passion of love. Veggie, on the other hand, is an exotic green rose that represents the freshness and growth of a blossoming relationship.

These new varieties not only add visual interest but also evoke emotions and memories that will make your Valentine’s Day celebration even more special. The Wildcat rose represents the wildness, boldness, and excitement of love, while the Veggie rose represents the natural, pure, and growth aspect of love. Both will make a perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day arrangement.

At Agrinag, we take great pride in growing and nurturing our roses, just like how we nurture our relationships. These new varieties will help you express your love in a unique and meaningful way.

Visit us at Agrinag and order your Wildcat and Veggie roses today. Make your Valentine’s Day celebration one to remember with these beautiful and unique varieties.


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